Make amazing hot cocoa with flavored and fun-shaped marshmallows


It’s the time of year to start drinking tons and tons of hot cocoa, and the only thing better than cups of chocolatey goodness are the marshmallows that stack up over the rim of your mug.

An added bonus is taking the time out to make your own marshmallows. It’s a fun way to spend time in the kitchen, whether you and your kids are making them together or whether you’re just an adult who happens to really value the quality of their marshmallows (because there’s nothing wrong with that!)

When you make them from scratch (this is a great recipe) you can create your own flavors and even cut them into cute shapes. Using cookie cutters, you can turn your marshmallow creations into clouds, hearts and more.


To make the shapes easy for cutting, spread the mixture out into a thin 9X13 inch pan. Brush the cookie cutters you plan on using with oil and confectioners’ sugar to prevent any sticking as you cut the shapes.

Check out a few different recipes that you can start making on your own from scratch to have unique homemade marshmallows all winter long.

1. Vanilla, Lemon Or Chocolate Cloud-Shaped Marshmallows

This simple, four-ingredient recipe allows you to easily prepare a batch of marshmallows, and you can choose to add lemon juice or dip the marshmallows in chocolate for the different flavor variations.

2. Cubed Birthday Cake Marshmallows

Sprinkles make these birthday cake marshmallows extra festive.

3. Cubed Nutella Marshmallows

Nutella swirls will add an extra chocolatey and hazelnut flavor to your hot cocoa.

Nutella Shortage Possible As Weather In Turkey Wipes Out 70 Percent Of Hazelnut Crop
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

4. Heart Shaped Marshmallows

How perfect are these heart-shaped marshmallows to help share your love this holiday season. Give them away as gifts or, you know, keep them all for yourself.

5. Snowflake Shaped Marshmallows

These snowflake marshmallows are perfect for the winter season. You’re going to need a big mug to fit these, but there’s nothing wrong with a giant helping of hot cocoa.

6. Cubed Coffee Marshmallows

Chocolate and coffee go together so well that these coffee flavored marshmallows are going to change the way you drink hot chocolate forever.

coffee photo
Getty Images | Tristan Fewings

7. Molded Marshmallows

Silicone molds make turning your marshmallows into interesting shapes super easy. Want to make your holidays extra special? Give these molded marshmallows a try.

Amp up your cocoa-drinking game at home with these fun and festive shapes. Fluffy goodness and they’re cute to boot? Now, marshmallows will be even more irresistible. Here’s to a warm, marshmallow-filled winter. Cheers!

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