Amazon Buyers Mistakenly Order Doll Chairs Instead of Human-Sized Ones

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If a deal seems to good to be true, do a little investigating. Some Amazon buyers who mistakenly ordered the school desk-and-chair set below got quite a surprise when their orders showed up and it was actually DOLL FURNITURE. Doh!

Just glancing at the photo, you might think the desk and chair are indeed for human adults (or at least human children). But, upon further inspection, they do look quite tiny.

Doll desk

Also, the low price tag might have been a tip-off for these unwitting buyers. The desk-and-chair set is listed at just $10 with free shipping. Tempting? Yes! But, also probably too good to be true.

It seems that the very angry buyers clicked “add to cart” before reading the fine print. In the product details section, the items are described as “figure accessories,” with dimensions of 8.7 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches and the product weight is listed as 5 ounces. But hey, when you see what seems like a great deal, rationality sometimes flies out the window.

The confusion was pointed out by Twitter user @pcsegal after the teeny-tiny desk received a dozen one-star reviews.

A few in-the-know buyers praised the product because they knew it was for dolls.

Amazon 2

But, others were. . .a little confused.

Amazon 1

There are many great deals to be found on Amazon, to be sure. But, the old rule of thumb still applies: If something seems to good to be true, it probably is. And, don’t worry about making the same mistake as these disgruntled customers, the product title on Amazon has been updated to indicate that this desk-and-chair set is “For Toy Figures.”

[h/t: Mashable]