You Can Buy This Garden Dome Igloo On Amazon For Your Backyard

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If your backyard has turned into your escape, this igloo garden dome — a 12-foot greenhouse that doubles as a quirky hangout — might be just the thing to turn your yard into a place of year-round respite.

The geodesic dome shape means sunlight comes in from every angle, which makes this ideal for gardeners seeking a funky greenhouse for the yard. However, plenty of people on Amazon, where the igloo retails for $1,174, say they enjoy having this structure as a place to chill outdoors during the winter, too.

The sun warms the inside up by several degrees in cold weather, so it can work as a wintertime gazebo for your own backyard — without really having to face the elements head-on.


With a diameter of 12 feet and standing 7 feet high, the igloo is large enough for plenty of plants, a few chairs and even a small table.

It has a PVC frame and a PVC cover, which can withstand 90 pounds of snow or winds up to 31 mph. In other words, it should be safe for outside in normal conditions.

To be clear, though, this igloo is not meant to be used for camping like a tent, or as a residence — it does not have electricity or running water like a tiny house.

Amazon tiny house

Its primary use is as a greenhouse/gazebo, though we could potentially see this as a fun place to camp out under the stars for the night on an air mattress with lots of blankets and a cooler full of treats.

The manufacturer also explained on Amazon that the igloo is large enough to operate as a party tent for small gatherings. “Depending on the size of the chairs, you can comfortably fit 8-10 people around a circular table in the center,” they said.


Some Amazon reviews from folks who bought the igloo were really positive. “Great place to have a glass of wine with my partner under the stars!” wrote one reviewer.


Another customer, who has assembled the igloo at residences in both New York City and Washington, D.C., wrote, “We absolutely love it for the winter.”

However, other reviewers weren’t so pleased with their purchase. “It is stuffy in there with both window pieces open [and] door open to the mosquitos,” wrote one reviewer.

Another reviewer said she wasn’t pleased with how the igloo looked and found the return process to be difficult.

To be honest, this igloo does not look like the easiest project in the world to build, so make note of that if you struggle with basic Ikea furniture assemblies. It involves assembling the geodesic dome frame, attaching it to metal clamps, and adding base weight bags. Then you place the PVC cover on top. (A few of the negative reviews on Amazon complained that the PVC cover looks wrinkled once assembled, so keep that in mind.)

But hey, once it’s gone up in your yard, you’ll have a pretty cool gazebo to hang out in — and no more excuses for killing your houseplants.


If you’re looking for a greenhouse that is intended for more for gardening than for socializing, there are other, less expensive options on Amazon.

This dome-shaped “sun bubble” retails for $349 and the structure folds, more like a camping tent. It stands almost 7 feet high and is 9 feet in diameter.


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