Amazon has a cute and creepy collection of Disney Halloween items

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Disney and Halloween. It may not seem like an obvious marriage made in holiday heaven, but somehow Disney has found the magic touch to get their fans on board for the spookiest season of the year.

For those of you who love all things Mickey Mouse or if you simply want something more cute than creepy, then you need to check out what Disney has lined up for Halloween 2018!

A quick note — Amazon’s prices tend to fluctuate, so be sure to click through to see the current price for each item.

Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown Calendar

You’ve probably heard of countdown calendars for Christmas, but why not build the same anticipation for Halloween? This adorably spooky Disney Haunted House Countdown Calendar for $89.99 features Disney’s main mice, Mickey and Minnie, all dressed up for some Halloween fun! The whole family can enjoy counting down the days until trick or treats!


Disney Villians Luminary Kit

These villains aren’t bad; they’re just drawn that way! OK, how about they’re so bad that we love to hate them! You can light the way to your home with a touch of an evil glow with these $6.99 luminaries featuring some of Disney’s creepiest and nastiest villains, including Maleficent (“Sleeping Beauty”), Jafar (“Aladdin”), Cruella de Vil (“101 Dalmations), Ursula the Sea Witch (“The Little Mermaid” and Dr. Facilier (“The Princess and the Frog”). These would be perfect for lighting your sidewalk on Halloween night!


Disney Halloween LED Outdoor Light Projector

Outdoor LED stake lights have been so trendy over the past few holiday seasons and now Halloween is getting in on the fun. It’s so easy to make your house light up with this multi-function LED projector that automatically changes color and shape designs. This Disney Halloween LED Projector for $44.99 features Mickey Mouse trick or treating, a Mickey Mouse-shaped Jack-O-Lantern, moons and stars and more!


Disney Parks Halloween Minnie Sequined Ears Headband

Leave it to Minnie Mouse to find a way to be stylish even during Halloween. With a big, orange sequined bow on top and a delicate-yet-spooky design on the ears, this pair of Minne Mouse Halloween ears for $26.50 is perfect for a Disney fan looking for a way to show off their love for the holiday. This is the same design you can pick up at an official Disney theme park! No travel required!


Light-Up Tinker Bell Pumpkin

Tired of the traditional jack-o-lantern-carved pumpkin for Halloween? Add a sprinkle of pixie dust to the holiday by inviting Disney’s favorite fairy, Tinker Bell, over for trick or treat! This pretty green pumpkin light for $8.99 has an etching of Peter Pan’s flying friend along with some stars to bring a touch of magic to the festivities!


Mickey Mouse Skeleton T-Shirt

This is a different look for Mickey Mouse, but it’s perfect for Halloween, right? The Mickey Mouse Skeleton t-shirt for $19.99 manages to be cute but has the perfect amount of creepy to get into the Halloween spirit. This shirt comes in black, purple or two shades of grey for men, women, and children.



How are you planning to celebrate Halloween this year?