Amazon Is Filling Work-From-Home Customer Service Jobs In These 15 States

New job alert! Amazon is currently looking to hire part-time, seasonal shipping and delivery support associates in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Amazon is known for their incredibly fast shipping and efficient delivery methods. As customers, we now have the luxury of not just two-day, but even one-day and same-day shipping! It’s pretty fantastic.

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Amazon couldn’t do what it does without its support team, so if jumping on board the Amazon train sounds like something you might be interested in, now is the time to apply. So what would you be getting yourself into?

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A work-from-home, seasonal flex gig that will have you, the associate, utilizing internal tools to help with research and troubleshooting, and working with drivers and customers to make sure that those precious packages are delivered safe and sound. And quickly!


More specifically, this job will have workers handling customer inquiries, resolving problems, being a mediator between internal and external customers and supporting both drivers on-road and customers waiting for shipments. You’ll be a vital employee ensuring that all goes smoothly in the delivery process.

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Associates can expect to work on average 20 to 29 hours per week, depending on whether it’s peak season or not, at a pay rate of $12 per hour. Because the customer service at Amazon never stops, employees need to have flexible schedules. Once hired, employees must undergo four weeks of training at a pay rate of $10 per hour.

As long as you fulfill some basic requirements, including a high school diploma, customer service skills, a flexible schedule and solid internet connection (such as cable, DSL or Fiber Optic/FiOS providers), you’re all set to apply. While it’s beneficial to have experience in customer service, it’s not a requirement.


Will you be applying?