Amazon Just Went Back In Time With The New Store They Just Opened

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Amazon launched its website 20 years ago with a primary focus on books. With their business model, they have single-handedly changed the way consumers purchase and experience books. Gone are the days of going to your local bookstore.

But now Amazon is changing its tune by opening their brand new store, Amazon Books, in Seattle.  This is the company’s first physical store and located right next to a Banana Republic.

While it will look like a traditional cozy bookstore, Amazon will be applying their website data to determine what books to stock in the store.

In addition, Amazon is doing a few other things to change things up. First, it will be displaying all books with their covers facing out so costumers can more easily see titles.  Second, under each book, there will be a card that displays the website ratings and reviews.

Based upon the results, Amazon may launch similar stores in other cities. For some people this might be a great way to discover new books, but it’s still a far cry from your typical cozy neighborhood store.

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