Amazon Prime Just Added A Fantastic New Perk

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As if you weren’t already enjoying all of the perks of your Amazon Prime membership, the company’s given you one more reason to love it.

You can now borrow more than 1,000 books, magazines and other reading materials through a service called Prime Reading. In other words, Amazon has basically become a bit like your at-home library.

What’s even better is that you don’t need a Kindle to enjoy this service. The books are available on any e-reader device. All you need is the Kindle app (it’s free to download) to access and download the titles you’d like to read. According to Real Simple, you can borrow up to 10 titles at a time.

A photo by James Tarbotton.

This service comes included with the $99 you already pay per year to be an Amazon Prime member. So, really, is that the best money you’ve ever spent or what?

With this new program, you’ll have access to current magazine issues, books such as Harry Potter series, The Hobbit series and more. This is, again, in addition to the two-day shipping, Amazon Video streaming service, unlimited digital photo storage and Amazon Music access that your yearly fee grants you. That’s not bad at all! (Here are all the free perks you get with Amazon Prime that you may not already know about.)

Prime Reading is already live. So, if you are a Prime Member with the Kindle app, you can go ahead an unlock a whole world of reading, all thanks to Amazon.

Happy reading!