Amazon Filled Its New Office With 40,000 Plants—Here’s Why It’s Great For Employees

The company invested more than $4 billion in the new space!

Stress and the burden that can come from being surrounded by technology have unfortunately become an expected part of pretty much any job. And, it’s taking a toll. Stress can worsen or increase the risk of many serious conditions.

Thankfully, some businesses seem to be taking concrete steps to reduce workplace stress and improve the health of their employees. After some high-profile bad press about its own stressful culture in recent years, Amazon is now trying to lead the way in making its employees feel more at ease.

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After years of planning and construction, the retail giant recently unveiled a refreshing new feature at its office complex in Seattle.

Think Green

The standout element of Amazon’s new corporate home is a trio of greenhouses, called The Spheres. The glass domes house a real waterfall, tree fort, suspension bridge and a whopping 40,000 plants! But perhaps the best thing about The Spheres? They contain no enclosed offices, conference rooms or desks.

A team of 600 workers brought the vision to life and cultivated flora from around the world.

Amazon employees no longer need to fly to Brazil to experience a rainforest, they have an excellent replica right on campus. In fact, workers can book space for meetings inside suspended treehouses or under the trees in The Spheres for an extra green-fueled boost. As many as 800 people can recharge in the rainforest bubble at a time.

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Stress Relief

The new design cost about $4 billion, according to a press release from Amazon. That’s a serious investment into the atmosphere of your workplace. The Spheres do more than provide an outlet for wanderlust or a beautiful alternative to the break room. The manmade jungle also serves as a natural solution for stress.

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Plants have plenty of proven health benefits. In fact, they’ve been found to offset many of the negative effects of stress for an overall better quality of life. Plants may help you live longer. According to researchers, women who live in the greenest surroundings have lower mortality rates and better mental health, too.

That’s not all. Houseplants help purify the air inside, no electricity required. NASA’s researchers found garden mums were the best air purifiers. They’re pretty and they clear pollutants from the air! With more than 400 plant species living in The Spheres, there are bound to be some great purifiers in there.

Foliage can even help you sleep better. Plants like lavender and jasmine have relaxing qualities. For example, their scents helps induce sweet slumber and fight anxiety.

Is there anything plants can’t do?

Clearly, not all of us have the luxury of a rainforest down the hall. For the rest of us, we can add a few low-maintenance plants to create a similar effect in our homes and offices.