Amazon’s expanded wedding store moves closer to a one-stop bridal shop

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Wedding planning is stressful, not to mention expensive. Trying to coordinate multiple vendors and ensuring every detail is just right can take a toll on even the most organized bride (or groom).

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do one-stop shopping for your wedding without even leaving your house? Turns out you can! Amazon has officially introduced a Wedding Shop as part of its Handmade site. Launched in 2015, Amazon’s Handmade has a plethora of genuine handcrafted items including jewelry, artwork, furniture, and now — everything you need for a beautiful wedding.

With the addition of the Wedding Shop, Amazon is one step closer to founder Jeff Bezos’ dream of creating an “everything store.”

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Welcome to Amazon’s “Wedding Shop”

Online wedding retailers are not a new concept, but what makes Amazon’s Wedding Shop unique is the wide selection of products available—all in one place. The Wedding Shop sells everything from custom invitations to big ticket items like bridal dresses, tuxedos and even wedding rings. You can even get items like cake toppers and bridal fashion accessories.

As for price, Refinery29 did a side-by-side comparison of the Wedding Shop and competitor Etsy, and found that both sites offer an impressive selection of affordably-priced items. They reported that 38 percent of the products available through the Wedding Shop were under $25, while Etsy offered 43 percent of its items under $25.

If you’re not sure if Amazon offers the lowest price on a particular product, check out this free app, PriceJump, which compares prices from nearby brick-and-mortar stores as well as over 5,000 online retailers, including Amazon.

What might tip the scales in Amazon’s favor is the availability of free, two-day Prime shipping on some items, which is a perk for cash-strapped and last-minute planners (and when you’re planning a wedding, you’re bound to need something last-minute).


The Wedding Shop is also offering an additional platform for those looking for ways to sell their handmade items. The Penny Hoarder pointed out some potential advantages, such as the easy access to Amazon’s large customer base and a higher commission fee (as compared to Etsy). One pitfall Penny Hoarder found was a lack of analytics to judge how your listings are playing with customers.

Amazon Tackles Before and After The Wedding, Too

And let’s face it, weddings aren’t just about one day. Amazon can help you put together these pre- and post-wedding events too.

For the shower, couples can create their registry on the site, and stock up on everything from essentials like towels and dishes to more fun items like a backyard fire pit. For your last fling before the ring, Amazon Prime Now offers delivery of beer, wine and spirits in select locations. Check out these adorable and practical honeymoon travel accessories.


If you’re looking for some professionals to actually execute your big day, unfortunately, Amazon can’t help you out there—yet. Currently you can shop for a number of professional services on Amazon, including house cleaning, plumbing and yard care. So wedding planners, DJs, officiants and bartenders can’t be far behind!

Happy planning!