Singing dog on ‘America’s Got Talent’ was so good he even wowed Simon Cowell

It’s pretty tough to not immediately fall in love with a golden retriever — especially when he can sing.

Pam Baker and her 3-year-old dog, Oscar, recently wowed on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” stage when the pup showed off his pipes. Before the performance, Baker explained to Simon Cowell and the show’s other judges that Oscar began singing a little over a year ago.

“He can sing. He can hold a note. He can even do a vibrato and everything,” the Ohio resident told the judges. “He started singing about a year and a half ago in my living room when I was playing the piano, and so then I worked with him and now he really sings.”

Of course, the notoriously blunt Cowell was still skeptical of this dog’s abilities — but he couldn’t deny his excitement.

“I’m not kidding. I’ve done this show a long time and I always said if we could find a dog that could sing, that would be everything to me,” Cowell told Baker.

For his audition, Oscar sang along while Baker played “Canon in D Major” on piano. See how well he performed in the clip below:

Once the song ended, Oscar went on to get a standing ovation from Cowell — something many human singers would kill for! He definitely deserves a treat after that!

But, Cowell wasn’t a completely changed man after hearing Oscar sing. He still found a way to critique the pair’s performance, maintaining his reputation of being hard to please.

“I think your piano playing isn’t great, by the way,” he said to Baker. “I think it could use a little practice, but we may have found our first singing dog. Genuinely. This is exciting.”

The “America’s Got Talent” Instagram account got a shot of Oscar backstage and called him “a good boy and an even better singer.”

And the dog has already earned a lot of fans online!

Twitter user @ash_coriandre wrote, “I just watched the singing dog Oscar from ‘AGT’ and I’m crying there are actual tears I love dogs way too much.”

Twitter user @TwentyOneTyJosh gave Oscar praise for being such a good boy:

Last year, Oscar competed in a dog talent competition on “Live with Ryan and Kelly” but he didn’t win.

Many dog lovers are hoping to see Oscar go on to win “America’s Got Talent.” Twitter user @sammystardust1 wrote, “Oscar the singing dog on ‘America’s Got Talent’ should win the entire competition:”

Spoiler alert: in case you’re wondering how Oscar faired, you’ll be seeing more of him because they advanced to the next round!

If you want to keep up with Oscar’s journey on the show, “America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central on NBC.

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