Amy Grant’s Daughter Millie Chapman Donated A Kidney To Her Best Friend

Bring on the waterworks.

If you want to know the definition of “true friendship,” this is it.

Christian-pop singer Amy Grant’s daughter, Millie Chapman, knew that her childhood friend Kathryn Dudley had long suffered from a rare kidney disease called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. When Chapman found out that her friend was in need of a new kidney, her response was immediate. “Take mine,” she reportedly responded via text message.

The next step was finding out if she was a match for her friend, and of course, in true BFF-form, she was. The kidney transplant took place in January, and the pair are both doing well.

Chapman’s parents were shocked and proud to hear about their daughter’s decision.

“Millie is not an overly affectionate person. She’ll say I love you once every few years,” Amy Grant told the Tennessean. “But just when she did that, I went, ‘Oh my gosh, we live in a culture that puts a lot of weight on words and not a lot of weight on experience and action.’”

Chapman’s father posted about Millie’s decision to undergo surgery on Facebook.

“They’ve [known] each other their entire lives and when Kathryn was in need, turns out Millie was a perfect match,” Grant’s ex-husband, wrote. “I’m so proud of her, words fail me.”

Once Chapman’s mind was made up, there was no changing it.

“I’m more gut. If I overthought it too much, I would psyche myself out,” she told the Tennessean.

The first rounds of testing were completed back in 2014, but it wasn’t until recently that the performance of Dudley’s own kidneys fell to the point where doctors deemed her in immediate need of a transplant. The friends opened up about being nervous along the way, but they had tons of support.

Chapman’s step-sister, Jenny Gill (Amy Grant and Vince Gill married in 2000) posted a photo from the hospital. It showed her sister, all done with surgery.

The Tennessean reports that Dudley’s kidney function is actually better than Chapman’s now, as doctors added Chapman’s kidney without removing Dudley’s other two.

And now, these two can go back to being the best of friends, healthier than ever before. As Chapman said in a video interview with the Tennessean, “We’ll just go back to the way things used to be, texting memes every day.”


[h/t: People]