Watch A Sneak Peek Of Amy Poehler And Nick Offerman’s New TV Show

Who wasn’t obsessed with the most dynamic of all duos, Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson, on “Parks and Recreation”? Since the show went off the air in 2015, we have all missed Knope’s constant enthusiasm and passion for waffles and local government, as well as Swanson’s stoic zeal for American craftsmanship and whiskey. Well, guess what? Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are teaming up in real life for a brand new show that, quite honestly, sounds like it’s about to be the best thing ever to happen to reality TV. (Sorry, “The Bachelor.”)

The show is called “Making It” and it will be a competition reality show all about crafting. The show will premiere on Tuesday, July 31 at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

“I like people who make things,” says Poehler in the below promo.

“And I love to make things,” continues Offerman. “So we’re hosting a new show on NBC where incredibly talented people are going to have a friendly competition.”

If you’re not instantaneously excited by this concept, check out the below clip where you can watch the two actors talk excitedly about the world of crafting and even fly — yes, fly — through a craft-inspired world where everything appears to be … handmade!

“This show is going to be in-craftable!” exclaims Poehler at the end of the clip.

The show will have one timed and themed project per episode. Each theme will be inspired by nationwide trends in the wonderful world of crafting and DIY, according to the show’s description on NBC. Eight talented makers from various backgrounds will compete against one another to win the title of Master Maker.

Throughout the six episodes, contestants will be pushed to wow Poehler, Offerman and judges Simon Doonan and’s Dayna Isom Johnson with the most creative, handmade items they can muster. From wood and metal to fabric and paint, all mediums of crafting are fair game.

“At the very most, you will fall in love with our makers, get introduced to a world you may not know anything about, and even get inspired to make something at home!” Poehler told Entertainment Weekly. “At the very least, you will learn what vellum is.”

Added Offerman, “As a woodworker myself, I’m awfully proud to showcase all these talented Makers and be reunited with my charismatic pal Amy to boot.”

The dedicated fans of “Parks And Recreation” are already pumped about this debut:

We have to admit, we’re pretty excited ourselves!