Amy Schumer Just Gave Her Dad The Best Christmas Gift Ever

This will make for a very Merry Christmas.

Here’s a heartwarming Christmas story if there ever was one. It turns out that when comedian Amy Schumer was young, her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), and her family farm was lost due to bankruptcy.

Today, Schumer is a world-famous, Golden Globe-nominated comedian, actress, writer, and the list goes on. With a successful career, it seems that Schumer now has some spending money to do the things she’s always hoped she could do.

Like buy her dad’s farm back for him.

Schumer shared this Instagram video of her way back in the day as a means of announcing the news that she’d purchased the family farm for her dad.

“I was running away in the cornfield and my dad was taunting me because I wanted him to come with me,” she wrote. “We lost the farm when we lost everything else. But today I got to buy it back for him.”

This is a FaceTime reaction of her father as she gives him the news.

E! Online mentions a 2013 interview Schumer did on NPR, where she recalled her father’s illness.

“It’s the most painful thing in the world to just watch this person that you love ultimately just digress and kind of decompose. And it’s too heavy and you have to find a way to laugh at it. I will on stage go to a very dark place and make light of things that are painful. And it makes me feel better to hear about other people’s struggles, so I like to share mine.”

Gotta love heartwarming stories like this. How wonderful is it to see a celebrity who’s “made it” being able to give back to her family?