An Agatha Christie Miniseries Is Coming To Amazon Prime

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Good news, old-fashioned mystery fans: There’s a new miniseries coming to Amazon in February from one of the greatest mystery writers of all time, “Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders.” The three-episode miniseries will be available to stream on Amazon Prime beginning on Feb. 1.

Based on the novel of the same name, the show stars John Malkovich as 1930s detective Hercule Poirot who investigates a series of murders. The killer goes by the initials “A.B.C.” and leaves an ABC railway guide at every crime scene.

In addition to Malkovich, the murder mystery also features a large cast of British actors, including Rupert Grint of “Harry Potter” fame, Andrew Buchan, Eamon Farren and Tara Fitzgerald.

As Agatha Christie fans may already know, Hercule Poirot is one of the author’s most famous characters and he appeared in over 30 of her novels. According to reviews, the TV series follows the same basic plot as the book. However, there are some noticeable differences between the book and the show. The character of Arthur Hastings was cut from the show because screenwriter Sarah Phelps thought it would be more interesting if Hercule didn’t have any friends.

Watch the trailer below:

If you haven’t yet read “The A.B.C. Murders” or other popular Agatha Christie books, now is the time, especially if you’re the type of person who likes reading the book before watching the film or TV versions.

Back in 2017, Amazon announced that the company had struck a deal with Agatha Christie Productions for the American rights to seven dramas based on Christie’s books. The first, “Ordeal By Innocence,” was released last April, and “Death Comes As The End” is expected to be released next. So, if you’re a fan of murder mysteries or BBC period dramas in general, you’re going to want to put these shows on your Amazon watchlist.