An Appliance That Makes Edible Spoons: Because Why Not?

For all those that hate dirtying dishes, we may have found the perfect solution.  Introducing the Edible Spoon Maker.  This culinary marvel could soon make silverware obsolete.

The best thing about the little gadget is that you don’t even need to make the dough. It comes with a handy little biscuit cutter that works perfectly with the dough that comes in rolls.

In three minutes, you can have a set of four light and flaky spoons that are strong enough to support your food.  Plus, you can enjoy them as a tasty snack as you finish your meal.

Unfortunately, there are not yet available, but you can go to the Edible Spoon Maker website and sign-up to be notified when they go on sale.

Checkout the video below:

H/T Gizmodo