Ellen’s Producer Visits A Haunted House With Sarah Paulson, Much Screaming Ensues

As longtime viewers of “Ellen” know, every year at Halloween, the comedienne sends her scaredy-cat executive producer Andy Lassner through a haunted house. And every single year, he totally loses it!

This year was no different, but as a special treat, Lassner was accompanied by none other than “American Horror Story” actress Sarah Paulson.

However, if you think that Paulson would be a horror veteran due to her time on “AHS,” you’re in for a funny shock. She’s almost as big of a scaredy-cat as Lassner is, and the results are completely hilarious!

Check out the video here:

I can watch these two scream their way through a haunted house all day! My favorite part is when Lassner keeps freaking out about the masked pig (“What is there! With the f***ing pig!?”) and when he assures Paulson that the haunted house actors never jump out people twice. Except…they do, and then Lassner assures Paulson he will “talk to a supervisor.”

What is it about this annual haunted house tour that is so addicting!? Whether Lassner is going through the house with Ariana Grande, Eric Stonestreet or some other petrified celebrity, it just continues to be utterly watchable.

Ellen DeGeneres’ social media fans agree:

This the not first time that DeGeneres has scared the pants off Sarah Paulson. When Paulson was on her show back in September, the talk show host freaked her out with a surprise appearance by a terrifying clown:

Of course, as you know, DeGeneres loves to playfully scare her guests. In honor of Halloween, here are some of her most scream-worthy scares from over the years:

Happy Halloween!

[H/t: Country Living]