Angry Orchard Just Released A Rosé Cider

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Rosé wine lends itself perfectly to summer, but there’s no rule saying you can’t enjoy the pink drink other times of year. In fact, rose has become so popular that it’s now being incorporated into other types of booze.

Say Hello To Rosé Cider

Hangar 1 debuted rosé vodka just in time for Valentine’s Day this year. It’s a blend of ultra-premium vodka and real California rose wine.

Now, Angry Orchard Cider has introduced rosé cider.

While I like to rose all day as much as the next gal, I’m not big into cider. However, I have to say that this sounds like a match made in heaven! With an ABV of 5.5%, it has an alcohol content similar to the brands other ciders and a lot of your standard beers.

According to the description on their website, the Angry Orchard rosé cider is very apple-forward, and includes red-flesh apples from France blended with the juices from a number of other apple varieties, including gala, fuji, red delicious, golden delicious and granny smith.

It’s described as having a “refreshing, dry finish” and Angry Orchard suggests it can be enjoyed “outside with friends or at the dinner table.”

Where You Can Find Angry Orchard Rosé Cider

If you’re wondering where you can snag this delicious new beverage, the website offers a cider finder.

Once you reach the cider finder—and enter your age, of course—you’ll find a webpage that looks like this:

Angry Orchard

In just a few keystrokes and clicks, you can track down the latest addition to the Angry Orchard product line to satisfy your rosé craving!

It’s available nationwide in 6-packs for a suggested retail price of $7.99-$9.99, and 12-pack variety packs for $14.99-$16.99. The price varies by market.

Photo: Angry Orchard

“I love rosé wine, but I’m excited for drinkers to move on over to cider and try something new this spring with our Angry Orchard rosé,” said Ryan Burk, head cider maker for Angry Orchard, in a press release. “The rare red flesh apples used in our rosé not only impart complex flavors but contribute to the cider’s beautiful rosy hue. It’s crisp, refreshing, and unlike any other style we have crafted.”

Rosé Cider A Kentucky Derby Winner

Angry Orchard Rosé will be featured at this year’s Kentucky Derby as one of the Derby’s official hard ciders!

“We’re pleased to offer Angry Orchard to our nearly 170,000 guests who attend the Kentucky Derby,” said Kristin Warfield, Vice President Partnerships. “We’re always happy to broaden the beverage choices for our fans who come to Churchill Downs from all over the world to witness America’s greatest race.”

2015 Kentucky Derby
Getty Images | Chris Graythen

Rosé On The Rise

If you think you’ve seen a lot of press for rosé spirits recently, then you’re not imagining things. During the summer of 2017, sales of rosé wine grew by 53 percent over the previous year, compared with overall wine sales, which only went up by 4 percent, according to a Nielsen survey.

Maybe you might remember some of these recent, remarkable rosé trends:

Rosé Gummy Bears

Why just reserve your rosé to just a glass? How about some rosé gummy bears? Sugarfina has an entire collection to go along with your wine glass!

Rosé In A Can

Who wants to lug around their Rosé in a bottle?  Pampelonne came up with the brilliant creation of rosé in a can!

A Rosé Wine Of the Month Club

This is a club that has become so popular that it has a waiting list!

The Summer Water Societé launched in 2017 and people went crazy! Even with the $350 membership fee for the summer, the organizers had to close down new sign up to keep with the new demand.


Have rose all day with these awesome portable wine glasses:



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