These animal BFFs had the most touching reunion

Do you have that one friend you seemingly have nothing in common with, but you still get on like a house on fire? Sometimes, the most unlikely of friendships can form. And iurns out that happens in the animal world, too. For 10 years, a goat named Mr. G was living in a filth and neglect in a hoarding situation. Also living with him was a donkey named Jellybean. When the two were finally rescued, they were separated, with each animal being taken to a different sanctuary.

A few days after they took him in, the good people of Animal Place, the sanctuary that rescued Mr. G, noticed that the goat refused to eat. He seemed depressed and scared, and they realized that Mr. G. was desperately missing his friend, Jellybean.

The rescuers decided that the only solution was to reunite the long-lost friends. And when they did, it’s clear that these two animals were meant to be together. As soon as Mr. G heard Jellybean being unloaded, he immediately perked up. Once the unlikely duo were back together again, they were inseparable. Within 20 minutes, Mr. G even got his appetite back! We’re so glad these BFFs were reunited.

Check out the touching video below that shows the moment Mr. G and Jellybean saw each other again after their much-too-long separation: