This animal sanctuary needs volunteers to cuddle rescued pigs


If you dream of spending your days playing with pigs, an animal sanctuary in South Carolina has just the position for you!

Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary recently rescued dozens of pigs from a hoarding situation, and now the porkers need some socialization before they can be adopted. Hence, the shelter’s call for volunteer “piggy cuddlers.”

Belly scratches, cookies, sitting with and even just talking to our pig friends can get them ready for their new home,” reads Cotton Branch’s call for volunteers, which was posted to Facebook this month.

Yes, in case it isn’t clear, these little piggies are meant to be companion animals, not livestock. Giving these rescues some extra time around people will help them fit in with a prospective forever family down the line.

If you’ve thought about adopting a pet pig yourself, the animal adoption advocacy group Best Friends says that volunteering with pigs is a great way to familiarize yourself with the porcine lifestyle.

“[Pigs] need caregivers who are knowledgable about their care and behavior, and are committed to providing them with tender loving care and mental stimulation,” the group said in a post.


It’s also crucial to be on top of your neighborhood’s zoning laws when considering a pet pig. You’ll need plenty of shady outdoor space for your new buddy, including a spot for a good wallow.

Another thing to note: Pigs are intelligent, social creatures, and it’s preferable to have another pig in the family.

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If you live near Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary, located outside of Columbia, and want to volunteer to cuddle some piggies, you’re in luck! A quick glance at the shelter’s volunteer sign-up page shows there are still spots available on the socialization beat. (FYI: Members of the “Piggy Cuddler Team” must be over 18, or accompanied by a guardian if ages 16 to 18.)

The shelter also needs help with less cuddly — but still crucial — tasks like waste removal, cleaning and organizing, too.

I live very far away from South Carolina. But all these sweet little snouts are giving me ideas!

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