12 Animals That Mate For Life

If these animal couples can make love last, maybe there's hope for us humans!

Flickr | Eric Kilby

If you’ve ever watched “Friends,” you’re aware of the ongoing romantic story line between Ross and Rachel. And if you were a regular viewer, you likely remember the episode in which Ross wanted to get back together with Rachel (again), and Phoebe said that Rachel was Ross’s lobster.

Say what now?

“It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life,” Phoebe explains.

Sadly, Pheebs was mistaken (about the lobsters, at least—as far as we’re concerned, Rachel and Ross lived happily ever after). In fact, dominant male lobsters mate with an entire harem of females, staying with each one for just a week or two at a time.

However, many couples in the animal world do pair up for life. From fish to fowl to ferocious beasts, several species stick it out forever. Find out more about some of the sweetest and most surprising animals that stick together for life (or get pretty darn close to it, at least).