8 Anti-Aging Tools That Will Give You Professional-Level Results At Home

Are you ready to take your skincare routine to the next level?

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There are plenty of products and pampering treatments that promise to help us in our pursuit of flawless skin. And some of them do a great job. But even the most potent topicals can only go so far.

Which is why it’s so great that, in our pursuits to remain as youthful as possible, we can now get our hands on the same tools used by dermatologists and in spas. From proven traditions to novel technology, these devices deliver professional-level results at home. If you want radiant skin, make room in your beauty cabinet for at least one of these eight anti-aging tools. You won’t regret it.

1. NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device

This microcurrent device goes beyond the skin’s surface to whip the underlying muscles into shape. The effect is an instant tightening and a very visible uplift. I use the original and mini versions. Whenever I want my cheekbones to really pop and my eyes to look wide awake, microcurrent is my go-to. Here’s a pic of the device in action:

2. Jade Facial Roller

This traditional tool proves you don’t need technology to tune up your skin. Facial rollers are said to do everything from improving blood circulation and skin tone to reducing puffiness, wrinkles and under eye circles. The rollers come in a wide range of prices—from Walmart to high-end and everything in between—so they suit any budget. Even those on the affordable end seem to perform well and deliver results. Here’s a mid-range roller from Herbivore Botanicals:

"As the name states, the Jade Facial Roller is made from the precious stone Jade, which is believed to help calm anxiety and decrease fatigue. The stone itself is believed to have deep healing properties, protecting you from negative energy and balancing your chi. If you're the type who's more into seeing the physical effects and not so much focused on healing your energy, don’t worry because there's PLENTY of physical benefits. Jade rollers are mostly known for their extreme anti-aging effect. They work to smooth down wrinkles, stimulate collagen production through massage, and lift the undereye area. The roller works through massage to increase circulation, increase product absorption, and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage is very important because it helps our skin to flush out toxins and heal quickly. A sluggish lymph node system can show itself in cystic acne around the mouth, chin, and jawline, acne that takes forever to go away or leaves marks that linger for ages, allergies, and fatigue." – @myfacestory Jade Rollers are available on our website. Shop link in bio 💚💚 #jaderoller

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3. Tria SmoothBeauty Eye Wrinkle Eraser

Tria’s patented laser targets deeper layers of the skin, and works to improve collagen and elastin production. And according to the company website, it promises more youthful-looking skin in just two weeks—a claim they back up with a 60-day money-back guarantee. When I tested this tiny tool, I was impressed. With a few little zaps, my peskiest fine lines faded away.

4. Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite Eye Care Pro

Made for multi-taskers, this LED eye mask is totally hands-free. Simply slip it on and let the full spectrum light therapy get to work. It targets and diminishes multiple signs of aging around the eyes. Personally, I felt like a skincare superhero wearing this one around my apartment.

5. LightStim for Acne

This lightweight device emits professional-strength wavelengths to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Then it helps heal and calm existing breakouts to restore clear, healthier skin. Additionally, it is FDA-cleared to treat mild to moderate acne. What better way to get glowing skin than with a bright light?

For healthy skin add a little light to your life! Try #LightStim! 💖💡✨

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6. Dermaflash 2.0

The original Dermaflash was one of Sephora’s top-selling skincare devices for a reason. While it removes unwanted facial hair, it also exfoliates skin. This new and improved at-home dermaplaning tool packs the same benefits in a sleek new design.

7. PMD Personal Microderm

Microdermabrasion sloughs away the top layer of skin. In its place it leaves a healthy glow and increased cell turnover so that the glow lasts. With weekly treatments, the PMD device reveals smoother and more youthful-looking skin. Dr. Susan Bard, M.D., Founder of Manhattan Dermatology Specialists, recommends it. However, she notes that any at-home treatment will be less intense than one you’d receive in-office.


8. Foreo LUNA mini 2

This enhanced face brush features eight sonic intensity levels. Additionally, it comes in six colors for a personalized cleansing experience. In fact, the sonic waves remove 99.5 percent of dirt and oil. It also cleans makeup residue and dead skin cells.

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So, are tools part of your skin care routine yet?