Picture this sleek concrete espresso machine on your kitchen counter


Concrete countertops are in style, especially if you’re into DIYing your kitchen, but what about concrete appliances? An in-the-works espresso maker plans to disrupt your morning coffee experience by giving you an appliance that brews amazing espresso and looks modern and unique on your countertop.

The concrete espresso maker is being developed by a company called AnZa. A Kickstarter campaign is underway, and the company anticipates beginning to deliver machines to customers in 2018.

“Born out of passion for good coffee and boredom with the default home espresso machine vernacular, the AnZa aims to bring new life and love to your countertop,” they write on their site.

Take a look at this sleek machine.


“The AnZa espresso machine is the lovechild of two not-so-strange bedfellows: a professional design studio and an espresso repair shop, both sharing the same space in Berkeley, California,” the company writes on its Kickstarter page.

But don’t throw away your trusty coffee pot just yet because the AnZa espresso machine isn’t planning to ship out orders until March 2018. However, about two weeks after going live, the company was just a few dollars away from their Kickstarter goal of $130,000.


Two Design Options

The designers know we have all kinds of different kitchen designs, so they’re offering two options: the much-talked-about concrete, and a Corian style. So many kitchens these days feature Corian countertops, so the that espresso machine will fit right in.


But beyond the beauty, this espresso machine also aims for a high-quality brew. Both versions include the same features and specs, such as a PID controller to monitor water temperature, which is a major selling point, and a pressure gauge. Food & Wine called the design “encouraging” for true espresso lovers, because it’s based on similar Italian models.

Get In On It

The AnZa espresso machine is not going to be cheap. If you contribute to the Kickstarter, you can donate $799 and receive a machine and some of their espresso blend, but don’t forget that shipping is extra! It’ll certainly add on to the final cost since the machines weigh a whopping 33 pounds.

If you’re not ready to get this fancy with your morning brew, don’t forget you can now grab Starbucks’ pumpkin spice-flavored ground coffee at the grocery store.


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