The Trim app helps you cut down on unnecessary spending

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A tool that can help you cut down on unnecessary charges on your credit card bill sounds like a godsend, and lucky for you, it’s not too good to be true.

Trim is a financial service that’s free to use, and once you’ve connected it to your Facebook messenger, you’ll start receiving messages about ways you could be saving.

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Hook up your Visa card (Visa debit or credit is the only card company that will work at the moment) and you’ll receive a statement credit just for shopping at the grocery store or eating out.

On top of that, Trim also analyzes your credit card statement to find any subscriptions for which you’re charged monthly. They notify you about which ones you’re signed up for, allowing you to unsubscribe from any of the services you deem not worth the money. In fact, they’ll do the unsubscribing for you.

Pretty simple, huh?

Keeping track of this sort of thing can be extremely difficult, and that’s why so many people wind up paying out money for services they don’t need or, in some cases, didn’t even know they were still enrolled in.

So yeah, consider Trim your new best friend.

Another incredible function of Trim is that it can analyze your Comcast bill and find ways to save you money if there’s a power outage, etc.

And last, but certainly not least, if you connect your Amazon account, Trim will be able to save you money if there’s a price decrease on something you recently purchased. According to Trim’s website, they file the necessary paperwork and you get the money back.

Now, this sounds hassle-free and almost too good to be true, but based on reviews and reactions to this tool online, it really seems to be worth trying.

From saving people money on Comcast to helping folks realize where they can cut spending, people seem to be raving about the way Trim helps save them money.

Extra cash? Well, there’s no arguing with that.

Give Trim a try by visiting the website.


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