This App Matches You With Dates As Active Or As Lazy As You Are

Are you an exercise junkie or Netflix binge-er who’s looking for love? Whether you just can’t find that special someone at the gym, or you’re too lazy to get off your couch to look, there’s a perfect match just waiting for you out there—and there’s an app to help you do find him or her.

Lime, a new dating app, matches you with people who are as active—or as lazy—as you are. It uses Apple’s built-in Health app to match people with potential dates who live a similar lifestyle.

“I use the Apple Health App quite often to compare my steps with my friends’, and the idea just came to me, wouldn’t it be a great idea to match couples with similar step counts, as it says a lot about a person by just looking at his/her weekly step counts, their walking habit pretty much shows their lifestyle,” Lime’s creator, Edward Chen, told The Huffington Post.

Chen is married, but said that if he was looking for someone to date, he wouldn’t want to date anyone whose step count was well below or above his. For example, his average is about 4,500, so dating someone whose step count is 1,500—or 10,000—wouldn’t match well with his lifestyle.

Lime shows the most compatible matches first, meaning you don’t have to swipe through unwanted profiles to try to find a match. The Lime Go screen works like a radar to show nearby matches. Of course, their distance to you is calculated in steps, and is accompanied by their real time step count. (Distance is approximate; potential dates won’t know exactly where you are unless you tell them.)

Lime Inc.

If you’re interested in meeting someone you’ve been matched with, just tap on their profile and send them one of three “Go” requests: “meet up now,” “go out for a coffee” or “grab a bite.”

If you’re really not into taking any steps, you can still chat through the app without having to meet up in person.

Lime Inc.

For the couch potatoes among us who are hoping to get more active, don’t worry. This app works for you, too. Because your matches are based on your activity level, a change in laziness will also result in a change in Lime matches.

“If your average step count increases or decreases in the future, you will see different match results based on the changed lifestyle,” Chen said. “It’s quite brilliant the way it works.”

Lime requires an iPhone 5s or above, and is available now in the app store. You must be at least 17 years old to download it. Learn more in the Lime video below.

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