Apparently You Can Use Cheetos To Successfully Curl Your Hair

Looking for a new way to curl your hair? The answer may be in your kitchen cabinet.


Yep, Cheetos.

And vlogger Bunny Meyer, also known as grav3yardgirl, tried it for us.

Upon a YouTube fan’s request, she began doing a new series called, “Will It Curl?!”

In the past few weeks, she’s also tried curling her hair with marshmallows and tampons, and shared her findings  on YouTube.

The Cheetos Puffs do remind me of the pink Styrofoam curlers my grandma used to use, so the snack food seems to make sense as a curling device… except for the orange “cheese.”

Though it’s probably healthier for us to wear the Puffs in our hair than eat them, how can we resist if we smell them as they sit atop our heads?!

Even Bunny was surprised by how well her curls turned out.

“I never would have thought you could get this type of salon-quality look by curling your hair with a delicious cheesy puff snack,” she said in her YouTube video after she unveiled her super curly hair, unraveling it one Cheetos Puff at a time.

How many Cheetos were required? A half-bag (though she did not specify the size), along with 72 bobby pins to help hold them in place. Wrapping her hair around Cheetos took 45 minutes, grav3yardgirl said in the video, but three hours from start to finish… in case you want to try this at home.

All we have to say is: We’re impressed. And we’re really craving some Cheetos Puffs right now.

Watch the video up above, and then check out how she curls her hair using tampons in the video below.