This Apple Cinnamon Bubble-Up Bake Puts A New Twist On Apple Pie


The holiday season can leave you tired of pie because you’ve seen it all — pumpkin, apple, pecan, sweet potato. Now, it’s a new year and time for some new desserts!

This apple cinnamon bubble-up bake from Pillsbury will remind you of classic apple pie, but served in a way that doesn’t feel over-done.

The recipe only requires six ingredients, all of which are easy to mix together, pour into a baking dish and slide into the oven. Convenience and deliciousness? Sign us up!

You’ll start by getting apple slices nice and warmed on a skillet. Then, combine the apple slices with cream cheese and powdered sugar that’s been melted together in the microwave.

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From there, take Pillsbury cinnamon roll dough and cut into tiny pieces. Mix the dough in with the cream cheese, powdered sugar and apples.

Dump the ingredients in a baking dish and bake for 26 to 32 minutes. Once it’s out of the oven, you’ll drizzle the cinnamon roll icing on top and serve yourself a heaping portion.


This dish has all of the flavor of apple pie, but isn’t nearly as traditional. In fact, this dessert could even be served as a sweet breakfast or brunch option.

No matter when you serve it, there will be no objections!


This isn’t the only way store-bought dough can be used to bake up a non-boring dessert, either. This recipe from The Blond Cook demonstrates how Pillsbury crescent rolls can be used to create bite-sized sweets that are essentially tiny apple pies, rolled into pop-into-your-mouth treats:

The Blond Cook

You can also enjoy your pie in pull-apart form and use biscuit dough to create an apple pie-flavored monkey bread. The recipe from Slap Dash Mom uses Grand’s biscuits as the bread-y base for this dessert and adds apple pie filling, brown sugar and caramel chips to create the delicious apple pie flavor:

Slap Dash Mom

There’s no going wrong with any of these non-traditional takes on classic pie!

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