5 clever uses for apple juice and cider

With fall quickly approaching, apple season is upon us, which means plenty of apple juice and cider! And while you and your family likely already love drinking them, did you know apple juice and cider actually have plenty of other practical uses? From using them to cook with to fighting off the flu and even taking care of your hair, we’ve rounded up five ways you can use these beloved fall drinks.

Make Your House Smell Like Fall

Some of the best things about fall are the seasonal smells, like freshly baked cinnamon doughnuts and, of course, apple cider. You can make your house smell just like an apple orchard simply by bringing apple juice or cider to a boil and adding spices. This hack is perfect for juice that has passed its best-by date and you don’t quite feel comfortable drinking.

Try using one that is 100-percent juice, like Tree Top’s Honeycrisp pure-pressed apple juice, then adding your favorite spices. Tree Top suggests using cinnamon or cloves for maximum autumn aroma. Just boil the whole potpourri for a few minutes, then turn the heat down to a simmer and let it steep uncovered.

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Help Your Scalp Stay Dandruff Free

No one likes dandruff, especially when it’s sweater season and all those flakes cling right to the fabric. According to The Hair Buddha, apples contain malic acid, which works as an exfoliant to remove dry, dead skin covering the scalp. Just mix a little apple juice with some warm water and apply it to your scalp. Leave it on for a few minutes or use it as a rinse after your shampoo.


Substitute For Alcohol When Cooking

If you’ve ever been cooking or baking and realized a recipe calls for alcohol you don’t have, apple juice can be a substitute. If you happen to have some handy, it can be used in a variety of recipes. For example, if a recipe calls for wine or beer, try using apple cider instead. If your recipe calls for white wine, use apple juice instead. Some juice can actually be even sweeter than white wine, but you can add vinegar or lemon juice to make it less sweet.


Fight Flu Symptoms

According to a 2016 study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, kids suffering from a stomach bug recovered faster when they drank a mixture of water and apple juice, versus an electrolyte-enhanced drink. Web MD says apple and grape juices can also be soothing for sick children, but to dilute them with water so your child gets less sugar.


Make Fall Jams And Jellies

Apple juice or cider can be used to make a variety of jams that are perfect to eat year-round or to give as gifts for the holidays.

Tree Top suggests boiling apple juice in a saucepan over high heat, stirring occasionally, then reducing to a simmer and continuing to stir until it reduces and thickens to a glaze. You can also try following a recipe like this one from Common Sense Home that only uses apple juice and honey or sugar. If you like spicy stuff, you can also try Taste of Home’s candy-apple jelly, which calls for apple juice, Red Hots candies, powdered fruit pectin and sugar.

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Do you know any other clever uses for apple juice or cider?