Applebee’s Shark Bowl Cocktail Is Made With Captain Morgan And A Cute Gummy Shark

If you can’t get the “Baby Shark” song out of your head, it’s time for some adult shark action. The latest adult beverage from Applebee’s is perfect for parents who could use a break, or really just anyone who’s a fan of fun blue cocktails and Captain Morgan.

The Mucho Shark Bowl is one of the newest cocktails available at Applebee’s, and it’s not your typical drink. First of all, this “mucho” drink is served in a goblet that’s far larger than a proper wine pour. So, it’s already winning in terms of quantity and presentation.

The fun continues, because the frozen drink is also blue in color and is topped off with a gummy shark. The drink is made with Captain Morgan rum, and according to AOL, it also boasts tropical flavors.

In other words, it’s definitely the boozy slushie your life has been missing.

The restaurant announced the news on social media writing, “This shark has a different kind of bite”:

Shark fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on this new drink, and from the sounds of it, you won’t want to miss your chance, either.

Twitter user @rashay_ricki wrote, “The shark bowls at Applebee’s are the best” in a tweet:

And Twitter user @manda055 summarized their love for the cocktail with the heart-eyed emoji:

And of course, people couldn’t help but come up with their own renditions of “Baby Shark” in honor of this drink. Twitter user @whoisgmoney proposed the lyrics, “Gummy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo”:

Applebee’s seems to be promoting a seaside theme, because the restaurant chain also just launched a pirate-themed drink to accompany the shark bowl, the $2 Captain and Cola. The drink is exactly what it sounds like — part cola, part Captain — served up in a chilled mug, as you can see from the restaurant’s Instagram post:

These drink offers will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to stop by your local Applebee’s to give them a try.

Because really, a gummy-topped cocktail is too cute not to sip on, shark-themed or not.