Applebee’s latest margaritas are made with Dwayne Johnson’s tequila

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Dwayne Johnson has been incredibly busy in recent years. The former pro wrestler has made a new name for himself (literally, as he is no longer known as just “The Rock”) as an actor and was reportedly the highest-paid actor in the world in 2019. Johnson is also a producer and philanthropist, and in 2020, he added yet another role to his resume: tequila slinger.

Called Teremana, Johnson’s line of small-batch tequila is now making its way onto the menu of a national restaurant brand, so you can get a taste of it without buying an entire bottle. Applebee’s two new Mana Margaritas are made with Teremana tequila and are currently available at many Applebee’s locations across the country for $7 each.

The Blue Aloha Margarita is Hawaiian-inspired (Johnson lived in Hawaii during his youth) and is made with Teremana Blanco Tequila, blue curacao, pineapple juice and lime. The Strawberry Coconut Margarita is made with Teremana Blanco Tequila, strawberry, lime and Malibu Coconut rum.


Teremana is crafted in a small Mexican town in the Jalisco Highlands. Brick ovens are used to roast the highlands agave, which the brand says brings out the citrus flavors.

After roasting for three days, the agave is shredded to extract the juices for fermentation. After fermentation, Teremana is distilled in a traditional manner using handmade copper pot stills.


If you’d rather make your own margaritas, you can buy Teremana pretty much anywhere tequila is sold, including nationwide retailers like Target.

The tequila brand’s website offers recipes if you don’t already have a go-to margarita recipe or are looking for something a bit different, like this espresso martini that combines tequila, espresso and coffee liqueur.

Of course, there is always the classic, simple margarita as well, or you can try The People’s Margarita, which combines Teremana Blanco, lime juice, agave nectar and pineapple juice.


Will you be heading to your local Applebee’s to try the new Mana Margaritas?

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