People are loving Apple’s heartwarming new ad that celebrates marriage equality

Australia has officially joined the ranks of 25 other countries that have legalized same-sex marriage. And to celebrate, major tech company Apple created a video called “First Dance.” Not only is this a promo for the iPhone X, which was used to shoot the commercial, but it’s also a celebration of marriage equality.

The video showcases weddings of real-life same-sex couples. The moments are intimate—first dances, kisses and more—and giving this a watch will have you feeling joyful.

Make sure you’ve got your tissues handy for this one, guys and gals:

The visuals accompanied by the beautiful song “Never Tear Us Apart” by Courtney Barnett make for one overwhelmingly joyful experience. So much so that people online can’t quit talking about it.

From the moment the video was released on Feb. 24, people have been brought to tears by the advertisement’s unabashed celebration of love. Twitter was practically flooded with folks crying happy tears!

“Have tissues handy,” one Twitter user warns—appropriately so:

Another thanked Apple for the early-morning cry session:

People urged others to watch the ad, no matter what their opinion of Apple may be.

Most were impressed with the content, along with the fact that it only took an iPhone X to create it:

Marriage equality officially came into law in Australia on Dec. 7 after a national survey revealed 61.6 percent of participants in favor of legalizing marriage regardless of sex.

“We’ve voted today for equality, for love, it’s time for more marriages, more commitment, more love, more respect,” Australia’s Prime Minister said in an address to the house. “This is Australia: fair, diverse, loving and filled with respect.”

Not only are Australians happy, but people all over the world are enjoying the news.

This isn’t the first time Apple has celebrated or been a supporter of equality, either. This ad, for example, which was released back in November, celebrates our differences as people:

Of course, according to a diversity and inclusion report released by the company as up-to-date as July 2017, the company is still predominantly male, coming in at 32 percent female worldwide. So the company still has some work to do as far as leveling the playing field. But Apple also has more African American and Latino employees than many of its competitors, according to Tech Crunch.

Unfortunately, creating inclusion and equal opportunities for everyone isn’t something that can happen overnight, but when there are small victories, they’re worth celebrating. That’s likely why the latest ads from Apple have been met with so much praise.

Who’s ready to watch it again?