3 apps that let you keep your kids’ artwork (without the clutter!)


If you have young kids at home, then you know how much artwork children produce. Between the times they’re at home spread out with art supplies everywhere to the cute projects they make at school, it’s hard to know what to do with it all.

Many parents struggle with the idea of throwing the artwork away. And it’s almost impossible to hang or frame it all. So what’s a parent to do? Fortunately, there are some apps to help us out.

We’ve found three apps in particular that can help preserve your child’s artwork while keeping the clutter at bay.

1. Artkive

Artkive allows you to chronologically store, share and print your little artist’s work or school work. No more feeling guilty from tossing masterpieces in the trash! With this app, you’ll not only be able to save more than one child’s artwork or school work, but you can also access it at anytime through multiple devices. By using the app, you can also turn your child’s creations into books, which make for adorable gifts.

For $3 a month, you’ll receive unlimited storage, 10 percent off of all books and even a $10 book credit.

Artkive App

2. Art My Kid Made

Another app that allows you to store and archive your child’s art is Art My Kid Made. This app also allows you to back everything up to popular sites like Dropbox. You can also share your little artist’s creations on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Or, you could turn their work into sendable greeting cards. The grandparents would love that, right?

Even better, the Art My Kids Made app is free.


3. Keepy

Keepy not only allows you to save artwork but mementos from other important events like birthday parties, family vacations, graduations and holidays. Families can also choose the option to record voices, so your child can explain the artwork in his or her own words. This way, listeners can hear how excited the kids were on that family vacation. Plus, it’s a perfect way for you to remember that cute little voice.

There’s also the option to share the albums with others and on social media. As a bonus, viewers can even leave voice-recorded, text or video messages in response.

The basic plan for this app is free, but if you’re wanting to store more than five things per month, plans costs start at $5.49.



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