These Adult Lilypads Are The Perfect Accessory For Ultimate Chilling This Summer

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Like many, I grew up at the pool. And each summer, my parents would take us to a lake a few hours away to soak up the sun, cruise on the boat and just float the day away.

If you ever grew up going to the lake, you probably wore a yellow waterski belt (we fondly call them banana belts), or if you were a seasoned pro, flipped your life jacket upside down and wore it as a diaper. Ah, those were the days.

diaper lifejacket photo
Photo by bradleypjohnson

Last year, I saw a few boaters with a big raft-looking object strapped their boats, like below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.31.23 PM
Aqua Lily Pad

Upon closer inspection at a popular party cove, I discovered that they are these huge floating pads. And they’re awesome!

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Aqua Lily Pad, offers a variety of sizes, from small single floats to ones that can fit the whole family. The original Aqua Lily Pad is 6′ x 18′. Here, You can see more sizes, like the 6′ x 14′ Aqua Lily Pad and the 6′ x 20′ Aqua Lily Pad.

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The larger floats allow you to comfortably sit on a chair, on the pad, in the water, with a bucket of beers. Could it get any better than having your own personal floating island?

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The lily pads come with velcro straps to conveniently roll it up, and a rope to attach it to the dock or boat so it won’t float away.

Thank you, Aqua Lily Pad for making such a fun product!