This incredible aquarium is seven stories tall and has an elevator inside

Divers Clean AquaDom Aquarium
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If you love the ocean and all the amazing creatures who live in it, there’s one city that you absolutely need to add to your bucket list.

No, it’s not Sydney or San Diego or the Florida Keys. If you want to see one of the biggest aquariums in the world, you should be heading to Berlin, Germany.

The AquaDom, which can be found in the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel in central Berlin, stretches a towering 82-feet high and contains over 1,500 fish and over 110 different species, Mashable reports. It’s the largest free-standing aquarium in the world and has attracted visitors since it opened up in 2004.

The massive tank holds a million liters of salt water and weighs 2,000 tons. Since it’s impossible to see everything from the hotel lobby below, the AquaDom has an elevator running through the center of the cylindrical aquarium which allows visitors to get a first-hand, up-close glance at the tropical fish.

Both hotel guests and visitors to the next-door Sea Life Berlin (which operates the massive aquarium) are welcome to take a ride in the water-surrounded elevator.

aquadom photo
Getty Images | Sean Gallup

According to the design blog Inhabitat, Aquadom visitors will see humans floating amongst the fish pretty frequently, since keeping a tank of that size clean takes its fair share of time and effort from employees.

Although visitors can’t dive inside the tank themselves, the elevator’s glass walls provide a pretty fantastic view of the marine life surrounding guests. Plus, 427 of the Radisson Blu Hotel suites look out into the atrium-style lobby, so guests staying in those rooms can see the massive tank even if their room is several floors up. Talk about a room with a view!

If you’re interested in visiting the impressive aquarium, you can either book a hotel suite, purchase a ticket to Sea Life Berlin, or visit using a Berlin city pass.

No matter how you get to Aquadom, make sure you take a camera, because this aquarium is definitely prime selfie material.


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