Arby’s new sandwich is so spicy it comes with a free vanilla shake

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If you like some spice with your food, Arby’s is launching two brand-new sandwiches that are kicking up the heat a few notches. The sandwiches are so spicy, in fact, that they even come with a free vanilla shake to cool your mouth down.

The new Diablo Dare sandwiches are made with either 13-hour smoked brisket or crispy chicken. Each sandwich brings the heat from five sources of spice: ghost pepper jack cheese, fiery hot seasoning, fire-roasted jalapeños and diablo barbecue sauce. The sandwiches are then topped with habanero, ghost pepper, jalapeño and chipotle peppers, and it’s all served on a toasted red chipotle bun.

The sandwiches will only be around for a limited time, through Feb. 6, at participating locations nationwide. Prices start at $5.99 — and that includes the free snack-size shake.


“We Diablo Dare you to try this new sandwich,” Patrick Schwing, chief marketing officer of Arby’s, said in a press release. “This is not a sandwich for the faint of heart. Everyone in QSR (quick service restaurants) says they have a spicy option, but our research tells us that consumers are disappointed by fast-food claims of spicy. We took that as a challenge by making sure all different types of spicy — the hot, the numbing, and the lingering are combined to make the Diablo Dare a true test of how much heat you can handle. Arby’s is setting a new standard of spice — when we say it, we mean it.”

To see if Arby’s fans can truly handle the heat, the restaurant is launching the “Diablo Dare Hashtag Challenge” on TikTok. Beginning Jan. 18, fans can go on TikTok and use a branded effect filter to show how much of the Diablo Dare sandwich they can take before needing a sip of the shake. If you want to see how others handle the sandwiches before trying them yourself, you can follow along with the challenge by searching #ArbysDiabloDare.


The Diablo Dare sandwiches definitely seem to bring the heat. But if you don’t have an Arby’s near you, most fast-food restaurants also have spicy versions of their most popular foods.

You’ll find spicy chicken nuggets at Wendy’s and spicy chicken sandwiches at both McDonald’s and Burger King. If you have a Sam’s Club near you, you can also buy Member’s Mark Southern Style Spicy Chicken Sandwiches so you can keep some spicy chicken in your freezer for whenever the mood strikes you.

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How spicy do you like your food?

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