Are your pets in your proposal photo shoot? Chewy wants to give you $1,000

A couple with their dog holding a sign saying they're engaged.

If you’re planning to get engaged in the next few months and have some pets that you’d like to join in on the celebration, pet supply retailer Chewy is looking for you.

Ten couples who include their furry friends in their engagement photos or videos now through March 31 will have a chance to win a $1,000 electronic gift card for Put it toward food, toys and other goodies for your favorite canine or cat companions.

Simply include your pets in the proposal any way you’d like, then post images to Instagram. Make sure you follow and tag @chewy and use the hashtag #ChewyPetposals. You’ll also want to make sure your profile is public so Chewy can see the post.

This contest allows one entry per person and couples should be getting married in 2024 or 2025. Winners will be chosen through a random drawing. Additional rules can be found here.

A couple with two dogs.

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Have an overactive pup or feisty feline and aren’t sure how to make it work?

Chewy offers some helpful tips on including your pet. For example, make sure your proposal location is comfortable for them and keep treats and toys on hand during the photo shoot.

You don’t have to include any props from Chewy in your photo — but, if you’d like, the company does offer a number of items that would make for some pretty adorable pictures. And some are discounted right now!

This Frisco Ring 2-in-1 Plush Squeaky Dog Toy is priced at $12.38 (was $14.97) and would make for a cute photo and happy pup. You could also get this Pearhead Pet Wedding Announcement Chalkboard for just $5.61 (was $7.99).

The chalkboard is customizable so you can put your names on it for photos. Place it around your dog’s neck, or have your pet hold it in their mouth.

$5.61 (was $7.99) at Chewy

Then, when it’s time to tie the knot, don’t forget to grab some “Flower Girl” and “Best Dog” bandanas from Frisco, a dog or cat tuxedo from Frisco or a ring bearer pillow costume from Rubie’s Costume Company for just $5.

A dog wearing a ring bearer costume.

$5 at Chewy

Have you thought about including your furry friends in your special day?

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