This artist creates beautiful images by quilling paper

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It was only about two years ago when artist Angelica Botero first gave paper quilling a try. Now she has an extensive collection of gorgeous, carefully constructed pieces of art, and over 46,000 Instagram followers eager to see her latest creations. I suppose you could say Botero had a knack for the art of quilling.

Quilling is a technique by which you twirl thin strips of paper in order to create works of art. Some of the pieces people create are incredibly intricate, and just bursting with color. This particular Colombian artist uses many sources for inspiration, from TV shows to animals, and her pieces regularly include all of the vibrant colors of the rainbow.

One of the most popular requests she receives is for the colorful, quilled horses she creates, which she believes helped grow her Instagram following so quickly. She said she’s now made them in just about every hue imaginable, and they always get snatched up quickly from her Etsy shop:


But that’s just one small piece of what she does. One scroll through her Instagram account and you’ll see why she’s gained so many admirers. Her work is stunning, and it’s hard to believe each of her beautiful designs are made with just paper, glue, quilling and cutting tools.

Botero told Martha Stewart Living that she prefers to work on colorful pieces instead of with dark colors because they’re more eye-catching. The brighter colors give each piece a much more fun look.

Sometimes, she’ll even mix things up and incorporate some watercolor painting into her quilled art, which makes for particularly beautiful—and quite unique—pieces of art.

Though quilling isn’t considered an especially popular art form these days, it does have quite the history. It’s been documented that, during the Renaissance, the French and Italian nuns and monks used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items. In the 18th century, quilling became popular in Europe, where women practiced the art.

But if you’d rather just admire the work of others, you can always hang out in Botero’s adorable Etsy Shop, where you can request your own custom quilled artwork or purchase one of the beautiful pieces she’s already created.

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