This Artist Designed A Ball Gown That Looks Like A Giant Pizza

Ball gowns are nice, but a ball gown designed to look like a massive pizza? Well, that’s simply delicious! And it’s not just a pipe dream—an artist has actually created (and worn!) this pepperoni-topped dress. Too bad we’re all too old for prom.

This brilliant designer is Olivia Mears, an artist who makes and sells commissioned cosplay (costume role-play) and other one-of-a-kind couture outfits via her Avant Geek site. Everything she makes is unique, so if you’re rushing out to the store to find this pizza dress, think again.

The yellow ball gown honestly evokes Belle from “Beauty And The Beast.” Well, if Belle was into edible fashion, anyway. The pizza dress is adorned with assorted hand-painted toppings. Obviously the pepperoni features prominently, but the dress also includes mushrooms, olives and green peppers.

The dress is strapless and has a sweetheart neckline and a corseted back, because you wouldn’t want to look anything less than streamlined while wearing a pizza dress. Oh, and let’s not forget the puffy hem of the dress that looks like a perfectly risen pizza crust. Hungry yet? We are, too.

Naturally, the dress looks stunning when the wearer is standing upright, but it’s even better sitting down—the bottom half of the dress spreads out into a perfect circle of pizza slices.

Mears made the dress for a contest held by Domino’s Pizza. The whole outfit is completed by a handmade throne constructed with pizza delivery boxes that matches the dress. Oh, and she made herself a cardboard crown, too. I think it’s safe to declare Mears as the queen of pizza…and of our hearts.

If, for some unknowable reason, a pizza dress doesn’t do it for you, don’t worry. Mears has also created a stunning taco dress. Cleverly nicknamed “Taco Belle,” as it (again) resembles Belle’s dress from “Beauty and The Beast,” the dress is covered in large, stuffed tacos and features a delicate bodice. This might be even more fabulous than the pizza dress!

So, to recap: Mears is queen, pizza and tacos are great and these dresses are (almost) even better than the real thing!