This Artist Gives Amazing Makeovers To Barbie Dolls So They Look Like Celebs

When I was a kid, one of my favorites parts of playing with my Barbies was dressing them up. I loved giving them frequent wardrobe changes and playing with their style. I even tried to give them a new ‘do every so often. Once, I even took a curling iron to a Barbie’s hair — don’t try this at home! I actually ended up burning off her hair and am lucky I did not start a fire!

Well, Brazilian artist Rafinha Silva has found a way to make my childhood fantasies come to life without creating a fire hazard. He starts by removing a Barbie doll’s makeup and shaving off its hair. Then he has a blank canvas on which to work his magic, giving the dolls a total makeover with brand-new custom hair and makeup. He has even made some of his dolls to look exactly like celebrities.

Check out this video that shows his brilliant process below:

“I have always had a lot of affinity with art, and drawing women with long hair is one of my earliest childhood memories,” Silva told Cosmopolitan.

Silva began making his doll creations in 2013, and he said he has now customized over 500 dolls. He can seemingly do anything to a doll’s hair: long wavy hair, tight curly hair, rainbow hair, top knots, ponytails.

His teeny-tiny makeup application is pretty incredible, too. This doll’s ombré hair, eyeshadow and orange lips are truly striking:

Here’s his take on Harley Quinn:

He totally nails Britney Spears:

Here’s a pint-sized Frida Kahlo:

His Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” is totally on point:

Here’s RuPaul from “RuPaul’s Drag Race”:

He even turned out a beautiful replica of the late Lady Di:

“I hope to continue working with what I love the most,” he said. “Because without a doubt, I am a very grateful man to be able to work with art.”

Check out some more of his work on his Instagram page, We Love Royal Dolls.

[H/t Yahoo]