This Artist Will Make A Personalized Portrait Of Your Pet As Royalty

Because let's be real, they DO rule the roost 👑😂.

Giving new meaning to the word “glamourpuss,” an Etsy artist is attracting attention for his custom portraits of pets in royal regalia.

ZKPortraitsWorkshop creates the painterly pics with photos sent by customers. Using different templates — a knight in shining armor, an 18th-century queen in elaborate skirts — artist Ivan Kozak adds in the furry face of your pet.

Prices start at $36 and go up to $70 for a three-pet scene. Since Kozak lives in Ukraine, the finished portraits are delivered as a PDF you can print out as you see fit.

Check out this elegant hound, emanating Marie-Antoinette vibes:


Here’s a glamorous lady exuding the quiet confidence of Queen Elizabeth II.


Is this vision a member of the court of Louis XV? Or just a terrier in a dress?


This handsome kitty became a highly decorated military hero with a few swipes of a digital pen and tablet.


Is anyone else getting a post-Revolutionary-France, Napoleon sort of feeling from this feline?


Dressing this majestic Malamute as a heroic knight in shining armor was a good call.


Kozak works up human portraits, as well. Folks can submit pics of themselves — with or without pets — and Kozak draws the gang in a style of their choosing.

From Instagram, here’s a couple and their furry friends done in the style of “The Simpsons”:

The kids even got in on this one:


One loving couple had themselves rendered in the style of “Bob’s Burgers” characters:


Kozak takes orders and photo submissions through his Etsy page. You can also read reviews of his work from past customers — with five out of five stars and more than a thousand ratings, it looks like many clients come away satisfied.

If you’ve got some gift-giving to do (and who doesn’t?) one of these custom drawings might light up your loved one’s special day.

And surely, your pet will appreciate being depicted as a truly noble beast — at last!