Artist Repaints Emma Watson Belle Doll So She No Longer Looks Like Justin Bieber

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We are big, big fans of “Beauty and the Beast” around here, so the upcoming live-action film starring Emma Watson has us all waltzing in our living rooms.

As Disney prepares for the much-anticipated flick to hit movie theaters nationwide on March 17, they are releasing all kinds of magical paraphernalia, including shirts, crowns, costumes and yes, dolls.

This could be one of the hottest dolls of the season, but instead the release is falling a bit flat.  Could it be because this Belle doll looks less like the beautiful Emma Watson and more like Justin Bieber?

I have to admit the first time my daughters and I caught a glimpse of the Disney Store Film Collection Belle Doll we were a bit stunned. And, not in a good way. After all, Emma Watson is perfectly cast in her role as the gutsy heroine turned princess. Shouldn’t she have a doll that matches her elegance and beauty?

The internet certainly thinks so, and artists are taking matters into their own hands and sharing their work on Instagram.

But one artist in particular, Noel Cruz is creating all kinds of buzz because of his incredible life-like transformation of the doll. His repaint job is so extraordinary you may think the doll is just a tiny shrunken real life Emma Watson.

Take a look at this Facebook video of the before and after.


Cruz even improved the posture of the original doll. The new Belle is standing tall and elegant, as she should.

Cruz put his completed masterpiece on Ebay, and Diply reports it sold for $3400. Wow!

Congratulations Cruz! Now that we have Emma all straightened out, maybe you could help Bieber out with a repaint of his own? Yikes!