You Can Have A Professional Artist Recreate Your Kids’ Drawings

As a kid, there is nothing more frustrating than having a good idea, but not being able to execute it. Kids have vivid imaginations, but it can be hard for them to put onto paper what they’re envisioning in their minds. This can discourage kids from exploring their creativity—the opposite of what most parents are trying to instill!

But what if there were an easy way to help bring children’s ideas to life? Well, now there is! The Monster Project, founded by graphic designer and illustrator Katie Johnson, pairs professional artists with kids to bring their creative ideas to life.

The Monster Project

The children are asked to come up with and draw their own monsters, and then an artist illustrates a professional rendering of the kids’ pictures. Some even go as far to make 3D-printed figurines and sculptures. The kids are then delivered the final interpretation of their idea. How cool is that?!

The Monster Project

Johnson originally spearheaded the project by herself, but this year, over 120 professional artists worked with different elementary school students in Austin and Dallas. Johnson’s goal is to encourage kids to recognize the power of their own imaginations and to pursue their creative potential. This is such a cool concept, it’s hard to imagine a kid not wanting to get involved!

The Monster Project

Since it began, The Monster Project has done professional renderings of children’s drawings for about 100 t0 130 students each year. But, the group hopes to expand the organization and reach even more kids.

Schools and organizations can apply to participate in The Monster Project by filling out an application on the website. Johnson does not charge the schools or organizations she teams up with because, as noted on the website, “it means more to both the kids and professional artists when the monsters are created and recreated purely for the joy of it.”