8 Astrological Cancer Sign Stereotypes That Are True

The fourth astrological sign, cancer, is said to mean that the people born between June 21-July 22 are highly in touch with their emotions. Having a couple of people very close to me born during these months, I can say that’s actually true.

There are plenty of stereotypes and beliefs about the way certain astrological signs behave, but to say that cancers are extremely caring and empathetic would be quite accurate, in my experience.

Check out 8 stereotypes of the cancer sign that are actually true in real life because some of this is pretty spot-on. If you’re a cancer or know a cancer, I think you’ll agree with me here. Just wait and see.

1. Loyal

Because cancers are so in touch with their emotions, they’re able to make friendships based on how the relationship makes them feel. If you’ve got a friend that’s a cancer, you’ve got a friend for life.


2. Emotional

I’ve found that cancers are very in touch with their emotions. They follow their intuition and will tear up at a sweet commercial, but I find that quality quite endearing.


3. Empathetic

Of the signs, cancers are said to be one of the most empathetic, and it’s likely due to how in touch they are with the way they feel. They’re able to really empathize with a person because they almost feel another’s pain, happiness, etc. as if it was their own.


4. Imaginative

Cancers definitely have a creative side and a great sense of imagination. They’re dreamers, but they’re determined to work towards their dreams, as well. So, it all balances out.


5. Adaptable

In my personal experience, cancers are pretty laid-back and easy-going. As long as it feels right to them, they don’t care if you change the plans around a little. Want to go to a different restaurant than you originally agreed on? No worries. Cancers care more about spending time with the person they’re meeting than where they eat.


6. Nurturing

Because of how empathetic they are, cancers are said to make great parents. They want to keep themselves and those around them happy. So, that lends to a very nurturing side which extends to more than just family, such as co-workers and others.


7. Strong Sense Of Community

Whether it’s where they live or their family, cancers have a strong sense of attachment. They’re also extremely loyal, as I mentioned before, and they develop a connection with people and places very quickly.


8. Motivated By Feeling

Where some signs, such as virgo, are very analytical, cancers are motivated by a gut-feeling rather than what they think about a situation.


If you know someone with the cancer sign, then consider yourself lucky because you’ve got someone who’s caring, empathetic and loyal, who will stay by your side for life.

Photo by Kiwi Tom