At 96, this woman still jumps rope and teaches fitness classes


For 96 year-old fitness instructor Ann Costantino, jumping rope is just any other type of workout. She doesn’t let her age stop her from being active.

“You gotta try, that’s the only way you will know how to do it, you have to try,” Costantino says.

She is an instructor for the Erie County fitness program which is the largest county funded program in the state. There are more than 40 classes a week around county.

Richard Derwald has been the fitness coordinator for the Erie County fitness program for 22 years. He tells his instructors to focus on leg strengthening exercises because seniors’ biggest fear is falling.

“The Arthritis Foundation once had a saying ‘motion is lotion’ and I think that is very good,” Derwald said. “Ironically, the more we move, the more we are able to move.”

Derwald focuses on functional fitness where seniors practice every day movements to strengthen their muscles.

“They do everyday activities better and the more activities you do, including these exercise classes, the more that they can do,” Derwald said.

More information about the workout classes can be found on the Erie County website. Scroll down to find out where the classes are and a number to call for times and locations.

Written by Rebecca Thornburg for WKBW.

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