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August Is Going To Be Cooler Than Usual

Does this mean summer is almost over?

If you’ve been meaning to take advantage of the summer’s warm weather, do it now or forever hold your peace.

According to the Weather Channel’s Danielle Banks, August is going to be chillier than usual this year, with temperatures dropping about 15 to 25 degrees cooler than usual in parts of central and eastern United States.

The good news, at least, is that the humidity the East Coast has been experiencing is set to disappear soon as the colder weather set in.

Cities like Chicago and Minneapolis will see temperatures in the 60s, while others—including Rapid City, Omaha and Denver—will likely experience temperatures in the low 70s.

chicago skyline photo
Getty Images | Tim Boyle

If you’re on the West Coast, however, don’t expect to see a reprieve from the heat anytime soon.

Areas in the Pacific Northwest will likely see record-breaking highs in August, and the National Weather Service has already issued heat warnings for certain portions of Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada.

heat warning photo
Getty Images | David McNew

What’s causing this wacky August weather?

According to meteorologists, it’s the result of a cold front rolling in to central and eastern United States this week from Canada.

Take a look at the Weather Channel’s map below to see just how chilly (or warm) your state is likely to be in early August.

This cold front may not be the only one to hit the country this month, either. Another two weather disturbances could move through the U.S. this month alone, bringing more chilly temperatures with them.

Unfortunately, it sounds like it may be time to take your fall wardrobe out of storage. But does this mean summer is essentially over for those on the East Coast?

Probably not, according to experts: Luckily, the weather may finally warm back up during the last half of August, giving us a couple of weeks to enjoy backyard barbecues and outdoor hikes.

summer backyard photo
Getty Images | Jessica Rinaldi

And last month, The Weather Channel predicted that this fall is going to be warmer than usual throughout much of the U.S. (The Pacific Northwest will be an exception.)

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Experts attribute the anticipated warm fall weather to ocean temperatures and global climate change patterns.

So your best bet is to be prepared for a wide range of temperatures over the next few months. And don’t forget to wear layers!