Auntie Anne’s has birthday cake pretzel nuggets, but only for a limited time

Nothing says “party in your mouth” like birthday cake, right? But, let’s face it — the tasty treat isn’t easy to just grab and go. Well, Auntie Anne’s is introducing a new pretzel that puts the ultimate party food into the palm of our hands.

Starting on Oct. 22, the national pretzel retailer debuts its latest culinary creation — Birthday Cake Pretzel Nuggets. These bite-sized birthday delights are “dusted with vanilla and drizzled with chocolate syrup,” according to a press release shared by Delish. The pretzel bites are then topped with confetti sprinkles for a picture-perfect touch.

Auntie Anne's

This brand new flavor was the winner of Auntie Anne’s second Pretzel Nation Creation contest, for which fans submitted their favorite flavor creations to the company via social media. After more than 650 submissions, Auntie Anne’s narrowed down the choices to 10 finalists, including:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Caramel Apple Crème Brûlée
  • Red Velvet Cheesecake
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Tiramisu
  • Chocolate Coconut
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry
  • Cotton Candy
  • Lemonade Cake

More than 300,000 votes poured in from social media users. It was a tight race, and birthday cake beat out caramel apple brûlée by only 662 votes! But it seems only fitting, as this year marks Auntie Annie’s 30th anniversary in business.

“The second annual Pretzel Nation Creation competition has been the icing on the cake for our 30th birthday celebration,” said Meredith Wenz, Auntie Anne’s director of marketing. “It’s fitting that our fans marked the occasion by choosing the Birthday Cake Pretzel. It’s going to be a pretzel unlike any other.”

But the birthday cake pretzel nuggets are only available for a limited time. So make sure to head to your closest Auntie Anne’s pretzel stand to pick up this unique treat soon. It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate a birthday, even if it’s not yours!