These Stunning Wood Dining Tables Save Space Without Sacrificing Aesthetics

These days, you don’t need to be a knight to sit at a round table; you just need good company and good food. Have you ever felt a round table to be impractical due to shape and size?

Round tables can be aesthetically pleasing and are great for socializing over a meal because they bring more people face to face and closer together (instead of miles away from each other at a long rectangular dining table), but they often take up more space than many dining rooms can accommodate.

Enter George Johnson, a UK-based furniture designer, who can fix up your space with a personalized table where you can round up your friends and family.

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We first caught wind of Johnson’s incredible talent on Facebook. Using solid timber, he crafts pieces that maintain beauty while remaining practical.

He is able to hide leaves and expansion mechanisms inside the bodies of the tables he creates, minimizing the need for additional storage space elsewhere in the home.

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Johnson also designs other furniture pieces, including coffee tables, cabinets and desks.

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Johnson’s simple style and design aesthetic help create the feeling of a larger room. We want to get our hands on some of this gorgeous furniture in time for our next gathering!