These Decks Have A Surprise Feature You’ll Have To See To Believe

Sure, you may have considered customizing your backyard before — maybe adding a deck, seating area or a pool. But you probably never imagined it could be quite like this! Introducing automated decks, which come with an incredible feature that hides away benches, grills and more. In other words, the deck opens to reveal the perfect outdoor setup.

We have the builders behind Dr. Decks to thank for this genius invention. At first glance, the structure may look like a plain, flat, wooden deck. But hiding underneath is whatever your heart desires. The team customizes each project to suit your needs, so if you’re looking to tuck away a grill, lounge chair or even a TV — you name it and Dr. Decks will build it!

Here’s an example of what Dr. Decks calls a “phantom BBQ,” a grill hidden beneath the deck to be revealed when you’re ready to cook.

Dr. Decks

To get started, send a request on the Dr. Decks website for the team to visit your house. They’ll drop by and learn about what you’ve been dreaming up for your backyard. They’ll then develop 3-D renderings to show you what your yard could look like before moving on to the building phase.

The decks go up like any other, and they need a sturdy foundation, framework, all of that good stuff. The end result, however, is far from average.

The realm of custom automated decks is certainly a niche market and there aren’t many companies doing what Dr. Decks does. One company in South Africa offers automatic decks built on top of pools, so when the pool is closed for the winter, you can transform it into a seating area instead of simply having a covered pool in the middle of your yard.

Courtesy House of Pools

Pretty cool idea, huh?

If you think that’s incredible, you’re going to love what Dr. Decks has come up with. Take a look at some of their past projects, and you might find yourself requesting an appointment with these builders yourself.

They’re changing backyards for the better!