Automatic toothpaste dispensers are perfect for kids


If you spend more time cleaning up in the bathroom than you do convincing your toddler it’s time to brush their teeth, this could be the product for you. This automatic toothpaste dispenser helps ensure that just the right amount of toothpaste gets placed on the toothbrush instead of winding up all over the counter, cabinet and mirror. (Somehow it always seems to make its way up there, too. Just one of life’s little mysteries.)

The Wikor automatic toothpaste dispenser clings to a wall in your bathroom, so you can clear some counter space and even keep it out of a child’s reach. This will only dispense toothpaste when a toothbrush is pressed directly underneath the dispenser, and it’ll deliver just the right amount, each and every time.

It also comes with a place to store toothbrushes, allowing you to reclaim even more counter space. It’s available for just $7.99 on Amazon and has received some high reviews from parents.


People are impressed by its vacuum extrusion pump, which keeps a vacuum seal on the toothpaste until it’s time to dispense it, and by how organized it keeps the bathroom.

“This is so perfect for my kids. If anything at least the toothpaste will stop falling on the floor and somehow ending up smeared all over the cabinets,” one Amazon review reads. “I ordered a second one already for me and the husband.”

“My kids LOVE their toothpaste dispensers & I love the toothbrush holders that keeps their toothbrushes off the sink/floor! I’m extremely happy with my purchase & I know my kids are too,” another positive review read.

The main concern with the product seems to involve trouble getting the mounting adhesive to stick to walls, but you can always purchase a more durable adhesive to work with your bathroom wall surface if you experience this.

And of course, there are also plenty of other toothpaste-dispensing product options to choose from. A quick search on Amazon will reveal an array of products — everything from designs that will blend well in a modern bathroom to options that offer even more storage solutions.

This Gika R automatic toothpaste dispenser, for example, will look right at home in a well-designed bathroom. It’s available for $8.99 on Amazon:


And if storage is what you’re after, this automatic toothpaste dispenser from Bilymate should do just the trick. It retails for $14.50 on Amazon and offers extra places to put your toiletries and hair brushes:


Could a toothpaste caddy like this work well for your family? It’ll help save space and keep the toothpaste situation less messy. It could be worth a shot!

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