A Restaurant Dedicated To Avocados Is Opening Soon In New York


An all-avocado restaurant is coming soon (to Brooklyn, is anyone surprised?) and we can’t wait to go try it out. The trendiest little green fruit is going to be on full display at this restaurant where you’ll be able to get everything from toast to smoothies.

The restaurant is called Avocaderia, for obvious reasons, and it’s already creating major buzz. The spot plans to go above and beyond your average offerings with recipes from the international world of avocado. From pico de gallo to the Japanese spice Shichimi to the Egyptian spread dukkah, the Avocaderia website says it’s ready to blow your mind.


But in a surprise twist, the owners are all Italian—not a place that is well-known for its avocado industry. Co-owner Francesco Brachetti is a native of Florence, Italy; he caught the avocado bug while living in Mexico.

“They’re tasty and healthy, and I ate them every day,” he told The New York Times in an interview. “We didn’t have them in Italy.”

Brachetti persuaded his cousin, chef Alberto Gramini, also from Florence, and a friend, Alessandro Biggi, from Modena, to go into the avocado business together. The result was Avocaderia, which pays homage to the place where Brachetti first fell in love with the ‘cado—all of the avocados used in the restaurant are organic and come from a cooperative in the Mexican state of Michoacán.


According to the restaurant’s website, all of the fruit is grown “by a consortium of local farmers, and fairly traded to the US. Avocaderia only works with suppliers respectful of the environment and the rights of their employees.”

They already have a huge Instagram following and their store doesn’t even open until April 10! We predict Avocaderia will have a long and happy existence slinging green bowls and yolky eggs. In fact, we can’t wait to line up for a plate of our own.

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