This ‘Brita’ For Wine Could Mean The End Of Your Red Wine Hangovers

Is there anything better than kicking back with a great glass of red wine? It goes hand in hand with so many things—a delicous meal, stimulating conversation… and killer hangovers.

Seriously, nothing undoes the memory of a lovely evening quite like waking up with a dry mouth, a pounding headache and the intense regret that you had that extra glass. Well, if you just can’t get enough of your red wine, it looks like there’s now a solution.

The Üllo wine filter is a purifier that remove sulfites—the preservatives that keep your wine fresh but could end up giving you a monster headache—from your red wine. The filter acts like a Brita water filter for wine, straining the sulfites as you pour it through. You can use the decanter for a whole bottle, or remove the filter to pour yourself an individual, sulfite-free glass.

The filter is available from the Üllo site, and you can purchase just the filter for $79.99 or the filter and decanter as a set for $149.99. Now you can enjoy your wine without the sulfites—just be careful not to drink too much. Sadly, there comes a point when even the filter can’t help you.

[h/t PureWow]